IMG_5094As I sat down, got quiet, and listened within I heard, “Rest…Just rest.”

“Rest! What do you mean rest!” I felt a wave of resistance well up.  “I don’t even know what that means! Rest?”

Over two months ago, after I finally put an end to an insane relationship, one filled with deception on a scale I had never encountered, I began feeling the inner Voice strongly nudging me to rest.  This Voice has many names–intuition, voice of God, gut feeling, and the still small voice to name only a few.

I have always heard this Voice, or this inner compass, to some extent, but after my first major mystical experience many years ago, it became much clearer.  Over the last few months this Voice has become a bit different: Read More

The rhythmic sound of the ventilator combined with the steady beep of the monitors was hypnotic. Sounds that had become much too familiar as I slept in the room next to his.

‘He can’t understand you,” the doctors had said apologetically when they saw me speaking to him, feebly attempting to pour the endless stream of love I felt upon him.   I read him stories of healing, letters I had written to him in the sleepless nights and sang softly in his ear.  “He is unresponsive,” they would say as they rubbed their knuckle into his sternum.

“They know so much,” I thought, “And yet so very little.”   I still didn’t quite understand how others could not hear what I heard and feel what I could feel.  This man, this now frail and tiny man, was communicating with me more clearly than I had ever known.  I could feel his presence within me and a peace about him that the appearance would belie. Read More


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